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Detox in Thailand during Your Fitness Holiday.

If there was a way I could pull you into our little world here so you could get a small taste of a day in the life at Phuket Cleanse, I would be so happy. What you would experience is the “you” that you may not have known ever existed.

Thailand Detox and Fitness Holiday Gallery

Korean Raw Vegan Buffet! Melanie and Mukesh worked all morning to get this amazing Korean meal out by 11:00 AM. The kimchi was off the hook, the bulgogi (BBQ) was amazing -- no beef of course, just good mushrooms and Korean spices that made it mouth watering. Get back over here to Phuket for a taste of Korea! (3 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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New Phuket Cleanse Records:
Jason B -- 60m sprint in 6.93seconds.
John G -- 12minute endurance run... 3020m.
Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough 💪💪💪.
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What is Phuket Cleanse?

You’ve landed here because you most likely searched “detox Thailand” or “fitness holiday”. Either way, congratulations are in order. You have just stepped into a magical world of wellness.Take a look a look at our Trip Advisor reviews just to get a sense.


The Phuket Cleanse experience is, yes, a “detox in Thailand”, and a “fitness holiday”, but this is just the foundation. Phuket Cleanse is a school in which informally pick your “major”. You choose what you want to focus on while with us.

In addition to cleansing, fitness, yoga, and massages, you choose your daily schedule amongst our classes:

  • emotional detox,
  • yoga/mediation
  • raw vegan cooking classes
  • healthy cooking classes
  • raw healthy dessert making
  • body sculpting
  • personal development
  • fitness
  • nutrition for performance enhancement
  • anti aging protocols
  • the science of anti aging and longevity
  • nutrition classes

Write to us about your dreams. What experiences do you want to have? Is there a place for healing in your life? Give us your challenge, and we will suggest the perfect program for you. Welcome to the Phuket Cleanse family.

Melanie Procter
Phuket Cleanse Imagineer